iGraduate Scheme


Growth sits right at the top of our island’s digital agenda and the development of digital skills is a critical catalyst. The iGraduate Scheme will deliver digital agents of the future, equipped with the necessary skills to transform Jersey into a major player in the digital arena. 

What does the iGraduate Scheme entail?

  • A three-year graduate programme, run by Marbral Advisory in partnership with the States of Jersey and private sector organisation, offering opportunities across the private sector in finance, telecoms and government departments.
  • Graduates will be invited to participate in key areas of digital change supplemented by experience in the private sector.
  • Rotational placements, preferably three to six months at a time in different departments with at least one rotation being in the private sector.
  • Support from a mentor, with fortnightly meetings and regular progress update from project leaders and managers.

  • Ongoing training and development, blended learning approach paired with accredited professional training

aimed at

Just graduated? Looking to embark on a career in digital transformation? Want to be involved on some of hte epic changes affecting our island today?

Your degree can be in any discipline, not just technology orientated. You may also be an existing States of Jersey employee with an aptitude for digital and technology who is currently working assisting a project manager, change manager, project communications, programme management, UX specialists, business analyst or is a project board support.


learning outcomes

  • A dedicated learning and development curriculum will support you with professional development and career progression. 
  • Working in flexible, multi-disciplinary teams., you’ll be encouraged to try different roles in both the public and private sector, developing your digital service design along with your commercial awareness.

iGraduate My Change Academy.png

Course overview

Detailed below is a list of the syllabus:

  • Introduction to Consulting 101

  • Lean Six Sigma Basics

  • Strengths finder

  • Psychometric testing

  • Yellow Belt Lean Six Sigma

  • First line management


  • Introduction to change management

  • Business analysis skill

  • Business writing in plain English

  • Green Belt Lean Six Sigma

  • Data or UX design and research

  • Digital management