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My Change Academy is about developing digital leaders of the future. Register for the latest courses and programmes and qualify in Champion, Professional and the ultimate, Practitioner status.

Taught by qualified and experienced change practitioners, you can pick and mix from a range of courses in relevant topics that centre around digital transformation . What's more, you'll also be able to choose courses delivered by the My Change Academy community as well. While many of the courses will be written and delivered by My Change Academy 'official trainers', we will also include content written by other members of the community including your peers and your mentors.

Gone are the days of top-down learning.

Meet side to side learning.

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videos | podcasts | e-learning | face-to-face | online assessment

Many of our courses are taught as e-Learning courses, allowing you to progress through each course and programme at your pace, your way. We do however include podcasts from guest speakers and one-to-one mentorship is also available within certain programmes.

The iGraduate Scheme includes a mixture of e-Learning and face to face sessions. Get the most out of your learning experience and enjoy a mix of teaching methods.

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Whoever said the art of collection had died in the playground, when you'd do anything to complete the latest sticker collection. As you progress through each course, you'll also be awarded virtual badges to recognise each achievement. Collect your badges and see them accrue on your Achievements page. 

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Not only can you enjoy collecting badges when you complete each course, but your progress will also be tracked against your peers. Feature in the team and global leaderboards and see where you place against your colleagues in terms of course and programme completion.

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My Change Academy courses are built with your career progression in mind. Content is created by qualified and experienced change practitioners and specialist topics are also written by your fellow colleagues who are expert in their field. It is our aim to deliver the best possible content and experience for you, but if you've got feedback about anything raised in the course or the methods by which it is taught, you are invited to rate each course with the 'Rate Me' button. Your feedback will help us to continually improve and develop your learning experience.