Distributed Ledger Technology and the Blockchain  


course length: 1.5 hours

This course is part of the Digital Innovations programme designed to keep you up to date with emerging and disruptive trends plus their practical applications. 


Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) and, in particular, blockchain technologies, are still in their infancy, but they have the potential to have a revolutionary and very disruptive effect on our world. Some say this will be even bigger than the internet.   

Join us for a tour through this the strengths and weaknesses of this technology, how it works with popular cryptocurrencies, why it's essential to understand in our digital world of today 


  • What's Distributed Ledger Technology? 
  • What's the blockchain? 
  • Public, private, and consortium based blockchains 
  • Quiz: Sorting public from private and consortium blockchains 
  • What's Mining, Proof of Work, and Proof of Stake? 
  • Extra module: The Byzantine General's problem 
  • What is a consensus protocol for consortium based blockchains? 
  • Considerations for using Distributed Ledger Technology over a conventional database 
  • Strengths of the blockchain 
  • Mitigating the weaknesses of the blockchain 
  • Organisational drivers for adopting Distributed Ledger Technology 
  • What type of processes can be disrupted by distributed ledger technology? 
  • Questions to ask when adopting Distributed Ledger Technology 
  • Typical and current usages of blockchain 
  • What are smart contracts? 
  • What is IOTA? 
  • What are cryptocurrencies and what is the link with Blockchain? 
  • Extra module: Brilliant blockchain businesses 
  • Knowledge check on DLT and the blockchain 

aimed at

For business leaders and senior managers looking for an introduction to new technologies in order to reconsider their business models. 

For people learning about new technologies and trends and how they are affecting business today. 


learning outcomes

  • Understand what is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). 

  • Learn how Distributed Ledger Technology can improve organisations. 

  • Upon completion of the course, become a Blockchain Champion.


learning benefits

  • This module provides an overview of Distributed Ledger Technology and its relationship with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. 

  • Learn about brilliant blockchain businesses. 

  • CPD hours.