Our Mission:


With technology and society evolving at lightning speed, digital transformation is the ultimate challenge for us, in the States of Jersey. As Professionals we need to prepare and equip ourselves with the latest skills and disciplines to manage and deliver transformational change, and we need to share what we've learnt as quickly as possible. Meet 'My Change Academy'.

We see the four key areas of digital change, people, process, data and technology plus how they need to work together.

Unlock your potential and enhance your skills in our bespoke online programmes, designed by change practitioners with practical industry experience.

Share your skills and talent by learning how to create your own awesome courses and post these online.


How It Works

My Change Academy has a suite core courses, designed by qualified digital change practitioners who's mission it is, to bring you the latest tech, tools and trends to help you become a digital change leader of the future. Course are grouped into programmes for those people who wish to study a particular area - but you can study individual courses if you prefer. 

But that's not all. My Change Academy will not only include content from our 'official trainers', it will feature content made by us, as States of Jersey employees - we will become our our trainers, sharing skills, tips and tricks in realtime! My Team Jersey, member to member content will be shared among the learning community to create a place for learning and sharing. 

For the first time, we will have a platform to teach each other. There will be a shift from top down learning to side-by-side learning

Our Programmes


digital analytics

Register for this programme which includes: Data Management, data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analysis, Business Requirements Gathering and Business Re-Engineering.

digital management

Register for the digital management programme and learn about Change Management, Project Management, Testing and Quality Assurance, Digital Strategy and much more.


Register for the Digital iGraduate Scheme and  embrace technology, get involved in game-chainging projects, and  develop your potential in the field of digital change. Graduates will undertake rotational placements,  in different departments to expand their overall experience and know-how.

digital innovations

Register for this programme and learn about new trends and technology Artifical Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AR and VR and IoT.

digital leadership

You'd like to transform the mindset and practices of your organisation into digital, but how will you get there? If you are looking to lead your organisation to digital success, register for this programme.


School leavers  are invited to apply for the digital apprenticeship scheme, which offers real-life, on the job training and experience in their chosen field of digital change.



key programmes

Achieve accredited Digital Change Practitioner status by completing these programmes. Train in the latest skills and disciplines to support your department in digital transformation



courses to choose from

Register for one or more programmes or pick and mix from a selection of 30 courses, each designed to enhance your understanding of digital transformation.



free taster sessions

Subscribe to our Digital Change Practitioner programme and enjoy access to up to three additional courses of your choice.